More Holidays

I know, I know, we just finished with a whole batch of holidays – the heavy-hitters, if you will, but those of us who are ‘crafters’ know there are always more to come.

In this case, some of the lesser holidays can be some of the more lucrative in terms of novelty sales. Anticipating the upcoming holidays months ahead can give you the jump on your competition. After all, thinking of Valentine’s Day in January, Easter in February, or Mother’s Day in March isn’t nearly as hard as prepping Christmas in July!

Crafters everywhere plan ahead because we need the time to, well, craft, so if you haven’t already, get busy! Time’s a’ wastin’! The world is waiting for those hearts delightful for Valentine’s Day and bunny ears so dear for Easter and candles, soaps and scents galore for Mother’s Day. Looking for another idea? Here’s one that works nicely for gifts as well as a treat for yourself:


Materials & Tools
Epsom salts
Baking soda
Spa or soap dye (optional)
Fragrance oil (optional)
Small soap molds
Mixing bowl
Butter knife

What to Do
Mix 2/3 cup Epsom salts and 1/3 cup baking soda in a mixing bowl.
Add five drops glycerin and just enough water to moisten the mixture. Stir well.
If using dye, add gradually, stirring between drops, until you’re happy with the color.
If using fragrance, stir in three drops of fragrance oil and mix well. You may add additional fragrance one drop at a time if you like a stronger effect.
Fill each mold with mixture. Press mixture into mold firmly; use butter knife to smooth top of mold. Remove excess from the sides of the mold.
Invert molds on a paper towel and tap lightly to remove the bath bar. Allow to dry overnight.
Package in small boxes, bags, tissue or tulle with ribbons.

To Use
Dissolve bars in tub under hot, running water. Get in and relax your cares away.


Although I’ve posted a couple of times already, I’ve decided I need to back up and re-introduce myself. I am a fifty something woman who has been around the block a few dozen times. I am someone who has been lost in the dark and finds her way back each and every day through perseverance, tenacity, a simple daily round and a love for art and creation.

During those trips around the block, I’ve been told repeatedly by many people that I should share my stories, my viewpoints, to help other people through difficult times. Additionally, I have some talent in arts and crafts that many people find interesting and inspirational. Combining the two areas in a blog seems like the best way to reach the most people with a message of hope and recovery while building a platform for my products.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing many topics of daily life from depression and PTSD to current events and housecleaning tips as well as a wide range of arts and crafts from crocheting to painting and gardening to cooking so stay tuned. I’m hoping to reach people who are looking for a simple, common sense approach to life from someone who’s been there; people who are looking for someone who has been in the dark but found a way back to the light.

Through publishing this blog, I want to establish a network of people supporting each other through difficult and good times through positive discourse, while increasing awareness of my product line of inspirational arts and crafts.