Friday Frolics #11

Friday Frolics #11

Happy Friday!!!

Today’s Friday Frolic is one of my favorites right now, especially since I just dropped my favorite blush AND eye shadow palette breaking them to pieces on the same day! I know many of you have done this, thrown the remaining product away, and headed to the drugstore or department store for a replacement. No need to do that once you know this save-the-day process.

After decades in the beauty industry, this is a trick that I learned and have used many times – it’s simple and it really works to repair broken ‘pan’ type cosmetics. Think: eyeshadows, face powder, blush, bronzer, etc. I’m not sure what it is about spring and summer, but it seems I have need of this particular trick at this time of year more than any other time.

What you need:

The broken product
Rubbing alcohol
Eye dropper
Paper towel
Drinking glass

What you do:

Using the eye dropper, drip rubbing alcohol into the broken product until it turns mushy. I use the handle of a small makeup brush to stir it around and spread it back out to fill the pan again. Once it’s all mushy and spread out, let it air dry until the majority of the alcohol has evaporated. Then, place a piece of the clean paper towel on top of the product and weight it down with the drinking glass. The product should be usable by the next day – good as new!

Hope this little frolic saves you some money and headaches somewhere along the line.

Enjoy your weekend!