Dodging a Bullet

Dodging a Bullet

The last two days have been fraught with peril for me, in the medical sense. I feel as though I’m dodging a bullet.

I went to a routine follow up appointment with my family doctor on Monday and happened to mention I had a sore toe. No big deal, right? But, since I was there I might as well have him look at it and save everyone some time and worry.

As it turns out, my usually jovial M.D. becomes dead serious, ushers me to his ‘sit down’ office and calls his Vascular doctor-buddy to set an appointment for the next morning. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Apparently, a sore, bluish-hued toe that’s cold to the touch is a bad thing in the scheme of things. It’s can be an indicator that either a tiny blood clot or tiny cholesterol clot has broken off in a vessel and traveled down to the toe and clogged a capillary. Here’s the really bad part: if it had been in a location where it could have moved upward toward my brain instead of downward toward my foot, I would have had a stroke instead of a sore toe.

Some may say in this situation, they had dodged a bullet. I, however, feel as though this is a long process to come as I found out through a very thorough vascular exam that I have a lot of work to do.





You name, I need to get on it…so, mustering as much serenity as possible, I am indeed dodging a bullet as we speak today…