Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #4

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #4

This past week or so several of my friends and acquaintances had lost their furry companions to the ravages of time. These sad occurrences brought home to me rather abruptly how much joy my little girl, Czara, brings to me each and every day so I’m sharing her with you this week as my Treasured Tidbit:

Czara - in all her glory

I had hoped for a better picture but if you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a pet with a cell phone, I don’t need to go any further. Enjoy your evening.

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits #2

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits #2

I apologize for being a day late with my Tuesday Treasured Tidbit this week. I was under the weather to put it mildly, but I’m bouncing back and didn’t want to let this one slip away.

That moment when, laying on the table,

Vulnerable and scared,

I knew I’d raised two young men

Who know how to care and nurture.

Knowing my younger son was

There watching over me as I

Had watched over him for years.

Knowing my older son was waiting

For my call afterward for the detailed update

So he could help put my fears to rest.

My heart swells.

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits

Welcome to the first edition of Tuesday Treasured Tidbits! I hope you play along…

Per the guidelines, here’s my tidbit of joy from last week in 150 words or less:

Last Friday, I found upon my doorstep
A box.

A box like none other I’ve ever seen.
Inside the box,
A collection of pure delight:

Chocolate covered strawberries from
My sweetheart!!!
MMMMMMMMM good, indeed!!!