“Personality…is an act of high courage flung in the face of life.”
-Carl Jung

How sad a statement that being one’s self, to have a personality of one’s own could be declared an act of courage.

Well, so be it! Go forth, people – be brave – be yourselves – let’s see those personalities!!!

Awareness and Acceptance: A Path Back to Self

Yesterday I commented on an exceptional post at PTSD – A Way Out. The post suggested an exercise to develop Awareness and Acceptance as a path to healing.

The exercise was simply to bring Awareness to any area of one’s life containing Guilt without allowing the Self to be consumed by the emotions, thus promoting Acceptance of the full Self.

Being a survivor of PTSD, I know full-well this is not an easy thing to do. Not easy, but necessary for healing.

For one thing, one’s life can seem consumed with guilt, which makes it difficult – almost impossible – to identify a single area on which to focus. For another, the emotions can be so overwhelming they can trigger the self-defeating thought cycles we know all too well. Having said that, let me reiterate the importance and validity of this sort of exercise when you’re healing – set aside the time, do it.

Without this sort of exercise and the discipline developed through them, I’m certain I wouldn’t be here to live my life or write this blog. Becoming aware and accepting of myself has allowed me to get back on track to the person the trauma almost stole from me.

Get back to yourself – get a little ‘exercise’ today!