April Goals – March Results

April Goals – March Results

Happy April, everyone!

Here we are on the first Monday of April, ready to review another month gone by (March), and ready to set some goals for the next few weeks. On the first Monday of March, I was happy and proud to post that Team EMGN had met all of our goals for February. Once again, we have met (or passed) all of our goals for March.

Without a plan, things don’t happen so the goals for this blog for March were set as follows:

a- Continue reading and writing as in February
b- Update a different ‘page’ each Monday
c- Increase followers by 12% to 250

Accountability is always fun when things are going well so I’m happy to report:

a- I continued reading and writing in March as in February
b- I updated a different ‘page’ each Monday and added a new ‘page’ entitled ‘D-I-Y’
c- Our followers increased by 29% to 286!!!

New goals for April include:

a- Complete the online class, Writing 101 – Building a Blogging Habit
b- Develop a Thursday feature
c- Increase followers by 10% to 315
d- Continue the basics of reading, writing and updating

As always, I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support and input as we continue to travel and grow throughout this extraordinary journey.

“We relish news of our heroes, forgetting we are extraordinary to somebody too.” –Helen Hayes