OK…everybody’s minds back up on the curb, out of the gutter…I said ‘quickie Valentine ideas’ not ‘Valentine quickie ideas.’ Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Times are tough, money is tight but there are ways to make our sweethearts feel loved and appreciated that don’t take a great deal of money. Here are my top ten ideas for making Valentine’s Day a success (in no particular order). Maybe a couple of them will work for you!

• Homemade gift certificate or coupon booklet for chores or favors around the house, e.g., doing the dishes, a foot massage, bubble bath;
• World’s Best Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband – fill in the blank – certificate with a single red rose;
• Breakfast in bed;
• Picnic in the park complete with a book of favorite poetry read aloud;
• Couples pedicure (you’d be surprised how many people would love for their partner to do something with those feet!);
• Matinee followed by an early dinner (save money on the movie and still have time and energy for romance after dinner);
• Make it Valentine’s Week by leaving notes and small gifts (chocolate kisses or the candy conversation hearts, for example) in unexpected places throughout the week leading
up to the big day(use the leftover Valentine’s from the children’s school packs to leave those silly love notes);
• Actually mail several Valentine cards to each other the week before so they arrive during the week of Valentine’s (extra points if they’re handmade) – there’s just
something special about receiving a card in the mail these days;
• Movie and dinner for two at home instead of out – make it special – mood lighting, the ‘good’ dishes, dress up, the works!
• Look lovingly at one another and say how wonderful it is that you finally found each other.

By the way, if you happen to not have a sweetheart this year, that’s okay. Do something nice for yourself, one of those ‘sweet of heart’ people you know, or a good friend. It’s great practice for when you do have a sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

Now, that you have a plan in place for the big day – that’s tomorrow, you know, I’d like to hear back from you all about your most memorable Valentine’s Day. What made it so special (or awful)?

Enjoy your Valentine’s Weekend…

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