Happy March, everyone!

Another Monday morning, another new month, another opportunity to set some goals for the next few weeks. Last month, on the first Monday morning, I posted that I was participating in a Blogging University course that required we post our goals/aspirations for our blog. I did so and promised you I would report back on the first Monday of March with our results, so here I am.

Without a plan, things don’t happen so the goals for this blog for February were set as follows:

1 – Write daily and publish here at least three times weekly (once will be the Friday Frolics Feature).
2 – Read and comment on other blogs at least three times weekly.
3 – Increase the followers of this blog by 50% by February 28th.

Here’s where the accountability part comes in – reporting the results. Please forgive the rather cut-and-dried formatting – my business background is coming through:

1 – The previous month’s results versus goals:

a-I wrote daily and published at least three times weekly as well as initiated a weekly recurring event – Tuesday Treasured Tidbits.
b-I read and commented on other blogs at least three times weekly.
c-Here’s the exciting part: Our followers increased from 15 bloggers to 26 (73%) plus I used ‘publicize’ to expand our viewership to include Facebook and Twitter for a total of 223!

2 – Recovery plan for any shortfall(s) to goal(s).

We are good-to-go this month – way to go Team EMGN!

3 – The new goals for the new month:

a- Continue reading and writing as in February
b- Update a different ‘page’ each Monday
c- Increase followers by 12% to 250

Thank you all so much for your support and input as this project grows. I’m so looking forward to our continuing to grow together in content and depth on this journey.

“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.” – Zig Ziglar

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