Photo101 – Bliss

A cup of joe, my favorite pen, a pretty pad of paperA cup of joe, my favorite pen, a pretty pad of paper

Our assignment in Photography 101 today is to post a picture to represent our ‘bliss.’ I must admit this took less thought that I imagined it would at this point in my life.

My needs are simple these days. I’ve always been that ‘kid’ who loved school and my favorite time of year was when school started because I got new school supplies, i.e., pens and paper. As I’ve matured, coffee has entered the picture as a necessary ingredient to achieve blissful altitudes. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that my ‘bliss’ picture involves a fresh cup of joe, my favorite pen and a pretty pad of paper.

2 thoughts on “Photo101 – Bliss

  1. Yes, there is nothing better than a blank page, pen, and coffee. Except maybe a trip to the stationers for browsing and choosing new paper and pens.

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