EMGN Designs blog is a place not just for articles, but for a conversation. I love to hear what you think about new features, recipes, projects, etc. After all, it’s the interaction between writer and reader that makes blogging so much fun.

To increase meaningful conversation, sometimes it’s necessary for me to reduce the not-so-meaningful bits and pieces. Here are the kinds of things I’ve been deleting in recent posts (comments). Please avoid these types of comments in the future:

* One-word comments like “Cool!” or “Thanks!” While I appreciate the thought, I’d love to hear more about what exactly you think is cool, and why.
* Shameless self-promotion such as comments that contain links to your site within the body or otherwise encourage folks to visit your blog are a no-no.
* Multiple comments by one author on the same article leaves less of an opportunity for others to speak their mind.
* Really, really long comments that would take more than three breaths to read aloud are probably too long.
* Personally inappropriate comments about the author or site are simply inappropriate on any blog.

I also delete comments written entirely in another language, as well as any that are difficult to understand due to serious grammatical or spelling errors.

Hopefully, you appreciate and understand the need for these guidelines. My goal is to make this blog a place for both information and feedback. Your contributions and opinions matter to my other readers and me. The more specific insights I hear from you, the better I’ll be able to adapt to your future needs.

Thank you for the time you commit to making this site a success! Happy Frolics to You!

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