Tuesday Treasured Tidbit – Opening Day at the Marketplace

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit – Opening Day at the Marketplace

My treasured tidbit from last week was opening day at our local open air marketplace.

It’s a cross between a craft fair and a farmer’s market. It’s open from the first weekend in May to the first weekend in October each year. The sights, the smells, the sounds – oh my!!! What a joyful way to spend a fine spring day. The vendors at the market have things one cannot find at the “big box stores”: hand-carved jewelry, furniture from recycled pallets, fused glass jewelry, non-GMO starter plants and seeds for the garden, fresh locally-grown produce, hand-made doll furniture, hand-made soaps and lotions, hand-crocheted baby clothes and kitchen items and the list goes on.

It feels so good knowing that every penny spent supports the local growers, artisans and economy. I encourage everyone to check out your local markets whenever possible – buying local supports your community at its core.


Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #10 – Greenhouse Plenty

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #10 – Greenhouse Plenty

Last weekend I checked in at my greenhouse to see how the seedlings were doing and the news is great! The greenhouse helps remind me of the joyful renewal of nature every spring – sweet anticipation, even sweeter rewards.

About 75% of the seeds have sprouted so I’m very hopeful for this season’s garden. About 75% of the seeds used in the greenhouse each year are from the previous year’s crops – it’s a great way to save money and increase the sustainability of the garden. Since our seeds come from our harvest, we know these varieties are successful in our area rather than guessing each year what will grow or not.

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #9 – Snapdragons

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #9 – Snapdragons

Thanks to computer issues (quite possibly pilot error), I’m posting my Tuesday Treasured Tidbit on Wednesday but better late than never, right?

Last week, I was delighted to see my first snapdragon blooms of the season!


It’s a little thing but to see these lovely ladies appear after a winter of erratic weather, when I was fairly certain I had doomed them to an early death by planting them in late September, was a treasure indeed.

Enjoy your 24 hours!

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #6

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #6

Last week’s Treasured Tidbit was rather mundane but also three-fold.

First, the moment I clicked on the ‘send’ button to transmit my Federal and State Tax Returns replete with the big fat ‘zero taxes due’ line at the bottom of each…woohoo!!!

Second and third, when I received the text messages that each of the returns had been accepted by the respective governing entities.

Whew! Another year’s worth of bookkeeping can be filed away for safekeeping and another year’s worth of fretting can be put to rest.

I think I deserve a nap!


Photo101 – Treasure

Photo101 – Treasure

Coincidentally, this posting is coinciding with my Tuesday Treasured Tidbit so all is well with the world.

As a photo of a beautiful wedding ring, one might automatically thing of the monetary value of the thing and think that, of course, it’s a treasure! I always thought I treasured it because it was my mother’s ring. More recently, I’ve come to realize that I treasure it because it represents ‘family’ to me. Family in all of its beautiful, interesting and unique permutations just like the diamonds and gold in these rings for all of eternity.


Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #5

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #5

This time of the year is my favorite time of the year, bar none, because of the theme of renewal. Keeping with that theme, I started my garden late last week by planting baby lettuce in bags of top soil.


I chose this method because I’m living in a rental property for the time being so I don’t want to invest a great deal of time and energy (back labor) into digging compost into the not-so-lovely soil that exists. Using bags of top soil will suffice for the season and at the end of the season, I’ll remove the bags, spread out the soil and leave a parting gift of much improved soil for the next tenant.

Thus, this week I have two tidbits of joy – my lettuce and knowing I’m paying it forward.

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #4

Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #4

This past week or so several of my friends and acquaintances had lost their furry companions to the ravages of time. These sad occurrences brought home to me rather abruptly how much joy my little girl, Czara, brings to me each and every day so I’m sharing her with you this week as my Treasured Tidbit:

Czara - in all her glory

I had hoped for a better picture but if you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a pet with a cell phone, I don’t need to go any further. Enjoy your evening.

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits #2

Tuesday Treasured Tidbits #2

I apologize for being a day late with my Tuesday Treasured Tidbit this week. I was under the weather to put it mildly, but I’m bouncing back and didn’t want to let this one slip away.

That moment when, laying on the table,

Vulnerable and scared,

I knew I’d raised two young men

Who know how to care and nurture.

Knowing my younger son was

There watching over me as I

Had watched over him for years.

Knowing my older son was waiting

For my call afterward for the detailed update

So he could help put my fears to rest.

My heart swells.