Last weekend I checked in at my greenhouse to see how the seedlings were doing and the news is great! The greenhouse helps remind me of the joyful renewal of nature every spring – sweet anticipation, even sweeter rewards.

About 75% of the seeds have sprouted so I’m very hopeful for this season’s garden. About 75% of the seeds used in the greenhouse each year are from the previous year’s crops – it’s a great way to save money and increase the sustainability of the garden. Since our seeds come from our harvest, we know these varieties are successful in our area rather than guessing each year what will grow or not.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Treasured Tidbit #10 – Greenhouse Plenty

  1. I was going to post aTTT with a picture of my son and his fiancée who are getting married June 17. The picture would no download from my iPad. My computer is at the Apple Store getting my files transferred. I’ll check in next Tuesday.

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  2. Oh I am looking forward to watching your garden grow. and you use the seeds from your previous harvest. Reminds me of My Mom… she use to do the same. Happy Gardening!

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