Come on over each week, everyone!

Share a Treasured Tidbit (250 words or less – include a photo if you’d like) about a joyful, treasured moment from the last week.

Just a moment that brought a smile to your face or a chuckle to your lips, a little bit of warmth to your day. After all, it is in the little things that life finds its meaning.

Tidbits might be defined as a tasty bit of food in your culture as they are in mine, but in this case they’re opportunities to immortalize memories.

To join, simply post your ‘tidbit’ to your blog anytime during the week. Remember to tag it #TT and ping back to my blog. Please feel free to read, comment and like other participants’ blogs – remember, in the end,  it’s all about community – not competition.

I look forward to reading your weekly ‘Treasured Tidbits.’

22 thoughts on “Treasured Tidbits

  1. Great idea. I look forward to giving it a try. One thing I like about this is that it could fit into anyone’s usual subject matter – an opportunity to look at things positively.

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    1. Welcome aboard! I wanted to keep the event something short and sweet so if Tuesday wasn’t a day a person normally posted, they could still pop in with a photo and a caption at least with a positive spin. Like Kat x says, “All too often we don’t notice” the good things happening around us.

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  2. I like the sound of that, it is so good to become aware of the good things that happen in our lives. All too often we don’t notice them and focus on the negative.
    I will try to join in for sure.
    Thanks for your positive idea!
    I’ve also listed my Event, Word for Wednesday… maybe you’ll have a go next week?
    Here’s the link:
    Good luck with your event!
    Kat x

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